Shouting Lager, Lager, Lager

From the beginning of my drinking days I have always loved lager and the frequency of tweets from the Campaign for Excellent Lager @CAMELager on my Twitter feed has made me feel empowered to shout it from the rooftops. There is often negativity shown towards the major brands of lager within craft beer circles that has led me to write this love letter to lager.

On looking through old photographs from my early drinking days it appears I regularly had a lager in my hand. When my best friend and I first started going to the pub (we may have been slightly younger than 18) lager was always our drink of choice, she’d order Carling and I would order Carlsberg. We did this to try and give an air of maturity, as if having a preference over two different brands made us look older than our years. I don’t know if this had a bearing on our ability to get served in the pubs of Wakefield and Leeds but I don’t ever remember an occasion where we were refused our beloved lager. Maybe it was the silver eyeliner and crop tops – we’ll never know!

When jetting off on our 18-30 holidays we would look forward to trying the local lagers like Keo in Ayia Napa and Cisk in Malta and they always tasted so much better for being supped in the sun. Imagine my delight when they started importing this amber nectar to the U.K so I can relive these heady days.

At University I moved on to wine like a lot of students because we were poor and wanted to get as much booze in as possible before leaving the house but my love of lager remained.  The recent hot weather has brought my desire for a lager to the fore, there is nothing I crave more on a hot summer’s day than a cold can of Red Stripe or a bottle of Corona with a slice of lime. I don’t know what it is about sunshine that makes lager taste so much better. I am particularly enjoying the Aldi Rheinbacher Pilsner which has become the perfect BBQ accompaniment.

I do love craft beer and when I’m out in town I would be very unlikely to order a pint of lager when there are other delights on offer. When opportunity presents itself I enjoy being in an establishment where a pint of Fosters or the like is on offer, be it a trip up to our local or a day in the sun at the Cricket. It is nice to just drink a pint of lager, to be familiar with the taste and not think about the flavours or what you’re getting on the nose. For me lager is like an old friend, consistent and reliable and I look forward to seeing more of the Breweries I love brewing this style of beer.

Is this the best blog I’ve ever written?…………Probably.

One thought on “Shouting Lager, Lager, Lager

  1. Nice blog and great to see more support for Lager. Like you I’ve always liked drinking lager but we think it gets a poor rap too and that’s largely what’s motivated us to build a new brewery to just make a range of British Lagers. Keep shouting out for Lager 👍

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