Beer Festival for one


Talking about beer for me is still a bit like when I try to talk about football – it’s something I really enjoy but it’s only a matter of time before I say something stupid and negate myself from the conversation. For example I made a trip to Bier Huis in Ossett recently, I held my own in conversation with the owner and skipped out with a bag full of goodies. I then checked my phone to find a text from my husband as follows:

‘I have a beer order if you’re going to Bier Huis……Old Rasputin x 1 million’

I sat in the car for a while wondering how to play it – do I go back in and trawl the shelves looking for said beer or risk engaging the shop keep in conversation again. I went for the later and asked for a bottle of Old Rasputin times a million. It was only as I saw the bottle on the shelf that I realised what my husband’s intention was with the wording of his text! Head hung in shame I quickly paid and scurried out of the shop.

So it is with some trepidation that I embark on a blog about beer so I’m sticking with the format of the ’12 Beers of Christmas’ blog I contributed towards last year.

I’m missing Beertown in Malton so I’m having a beer festival for one- I have five beers to drink and will share my thoughts on each. Expect more witticism than knowledge of beer….

I’m starting lowest ABV first in an attempt to still be coherent at the end! So first up a Sour Suzy by Lervig. Beliner Weisse is my favourite type of beer at the moment, however I have to be honest it was the label on this bottle that first appealed to me. I like that mermaid’s style just as much as I like this beer. It’s like a lemon sherbet but without being jaw crampingly sour. I’m glad it’s only 4% as I’m going to stock up for this years Cup Final Day party.

Now for my first Cloudwater beer of the night – Table Beer Juniper (with the lowest ABV first system I get to save the best Cloudwater beer until last!). I’m yet to find one of their beers I haven’t enjoyed but this is my least favourite to date. When I first poured it I was certain I’d like it – it looked light and fizzy which when I had zero knowledge about beer was what I looked for. But the aroma is peppery rather than fruity and any other flavour is lost for me by how bitter it is. Once the bitterness passes it leaves a floral taste which isn’t unpleasant but still not one I’ll rush to have again.

Up next a Weird Beard pale ale – Mariana Trench. I was a massive fan of their Saison 42 and haven’t had another Weird Beard beer since my last bottle of it over two years ago. Now I’m not one to hold a grudge but it’s just cruel to make a beer that good as a one off! This one is another corker – it’s refreshing and fruity. The only downside is I wish I’d bought a few more when they were on sale from Beer Merchants. *whispers sorry for ignoring you for two years quietly under my breath*.

My penultimate beer is a wheat beer from Maui Brewing Co – Mana Wheat. This is another brewery I turned my back on and I’m still in mourning over the Lemongrass Saison they brewed a couple of years ago. I never used to be a wheat beer fan but recently I’ve had some lovely ones, particularly Wu Gang Chops the Tree by Pressure Drop Brewing. I know from smelling this beer I’m gonna love it. It has the yummy taste I’ve grown to love in this style of beer which I can only describe as like Hubba Bubba. This is definitely my favourite so far – I think I’ll stock pile a few of these just in case!

Last but by no means least is the much discussed Cloudwater DIPA v3. I bloody love a band wagon and I’m so glad I got on this one. Like Lilt it’s got a totally tropical taste! We are in love, that is all.

So that’s it, my mini beer festival has run dry. The bottle of Old Rasputin is still in the fridge but if I drink that it wouldn’t take more than one attempt to kill me.

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